Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edward Kennedy on Barack Obama's "Experience"

It's a day of big changes in the 2008 presidential race. John Edwards announced that he was withdrawing from the race. I believe that the mainstream media blackout of his campaign was simply insurmountable and he never got a fair chance to share his progressive platform with the majority of Americans. That is truly a shame and we need to make sure it never happens again.

The vise grip that multi-national billion dollar corporations hold over our democratic process MUST END! They control the flow of information through print and televised media, they produce the hackable voting machines that Bush won his second term in office on, and their lobbyists bribe and manipulate public servants to look out for their interests instead of ours. John Edwards spoke about this corporate dominance of our government and that my friends is why he was blocked from the airwaves.

So we now have only two candidates to choose from, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. If you're still undecided you can read my previous posts comparing their positions on the urgent issues of the day. You can also read who gave them money for their campaigns. I decided on Barack Obama and so did Ken. We mailed our absentee ballots yesterday morning.

Recently, Senator Edward Kennedy, and Caroline Kennedy both endorsed Barack Obama for president. Here's what Senator Kennedy had to say:
When I took to the stage at American University to endorse Barack Obama on Monday, I came face to face with a new generation in American politics.

Standing next to me and in the crowd, on the rope-line and at rallies across the country, I saw an undeniable return of the idealism and hope this country sorely needs. In this video you can hear the energy and see the faces, young and old, of that new generation:

As the second-longest serving member in the Senate, I know the importance of experience in government. But as someone who entered the Senate at the age of 30, I want to reiterate what I said on Monday. Barack Obama has more than enough experience to handle the job. What counts in our leadership is not the length of years in Washington, but the reach of our vision, the strength of our beliefs, and that rare quality of mind and spirit that can call forth the best in our country and our people.

Barack Obama's ability to unify and inspire is a rare gift, and matters in politics because it allows a leader to get things done. It's not enough to rally the base and push an agenda through. A leader like Barack can bridge the gaping divide in this country to bring Americans together in common purpose.

Even rarer -- and more powerful -- is the movement of inspired Americans powering the Obama campaign. This is proof to me that an Obama presidency will be a transformational moment for our country. I've endorsed a leader not only with tremendous intelligence and skill, but a leader who has the extraordinary ability to move our country past the politics of fear and personal destruction and make Americans want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Two days ago I endorsed Barack Obama. But today I'm following that with an emphatic endorsement of a new generation in American politics. Across this country, there's overwhelming turnout at the polls, unprecedented attention to the critical issues facing our nation and a growing conviction that our best days are still ahead. No matter who you support for president, I challenge you to accept the responsibilities of this new generation.

On Monday, I told Barack Obama he can rely on me. But the hope and promise of our nation relies on all of us.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama Wins South Carolina!

Last night Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary by a HUGE margin:

Obama: 55%, 295,091 votes
Clinton: 27%, 141,128 votes
Edwards: 18%, 93,552 votes

I'm seriously considering changing my vote from Edwards to Obama because I really like the latter's ability to inspire people. Bush boasted that he was a "uniter" (which was opposite of the truth of course) but Barack Obama really is a leader who can bring all the splintered groups in this country together. His campaign has already done that. It's filled with supporters who really represent ALL of America. They're all races, all economic backgrounds, all political persuasions. He is the antidote, the UN-Bush. This morning I'm thinking of voting for him because he certainly has a better chance to win than Edwards, (though I hope he'd ask Edwards to be his VP) and I think he'd be able to unify the Democratic party and the entire country (except for hard-core racists but none of our candidates could reach those haters anyway).

Because all three top Dem candidates have good plans, (you can read a comparison HERE), all three, have committed to getting us out of Iraq, making health care affordable and available to all citizens, and equalizing the imbalance between economic classes, my decision has come down to who I think will be a more effective leader. I still think Edwards would be a wonderful leader but his current position in the race puts him out of reach of the win.

Between Clinton and Obama, I think Obama will make a better leader for the entire country. I read a very interesting opinion piece in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle which helped me come to this decision. Perhaps it will help you decide too:

Why I'm not necessarily for Hillary

by Alice Kessler-Harris, Professor of American history at Columbia University.
I am not reassured by learning that John Edwards is the son of a mill worker, that Barack Obama is black, or that Clinton is a woman. Each of those identities reflects something about which I care deeply. But I can't vote for any of them because of who they are. Supporting Hillary because she is a woman fosters a debate about whether to place race or sex or religion at the top of our list of priorities. If I support Hillary (or any candidate) because I am drawn to her identity, I am simply encouraging others to support their candidates for the same reason. And identity is no guarantee that a particular individual will speak for feminist values and issues. Remember Margaret Thatcher supervised the dismantling of the British welfare state; Clarence Thomas has routinely made judgments that have closed the gates to economic opportunity for African Americans.

As a feminist, I want a president who will inspire us to achieve at least some of the values that I care about. I want a president who will use government resources to make this a more humane and equitable society by enhancing educational opportunity and economic security for the poor and constructing health care for all. I want a president who will actively protect our civil liberties and civil rights; one who will speak loudly against the grotesque impositions of secrecy, surveillance, torture and incarceration. I want a president who will not only end this war quickly, but who will change the direction of American foreign policy in acknowledgement of the new global realities; I want a president who will eschew fear-mongering, tear down fences, and work out dignified ways to cope more effectively and more humanely with the inevitable movement of workers across the borders. I want these things as a feminist. - Full Article by

Watch Obama's victory speech in South Carolina, it's excellent:



Read his plans in detail

Saturday, January 26, 2008

On The Issues: Comparison of Clinton, Obama, Edwards

Three Doors © 2008 Emily Duffy

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's confused about who I should vote for in the upcoming primary. I've been leaning towards voting for Edwards all along but I also like a lot about Obama and I have to admit I think Hillary is the scrappiest fighter of the three.

I'm certain I won't find clear comparisons of the three candidates from the MSM (mainstream media) and in fact they're doing an excellent job of making my research even more difficult. They're treating this election like a celebrity battle between Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton instead of the crucial decision for our national leader.

So, I've found some info in various places and I'm putting it together for myself, and for you right here. I've focused on issues that are 1) Of great importance to me personally, and 2) Where the candidates differ substantially on their position or previous votes. Please feel free to share this around to your contact list. As I said, I'm certain I'm not the only one who's split on this decision.

Iraq & “War on Terror”
Each candidate’s position on addressing the threat of terrorism in general and their attitude toward specific campaigns, principally the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Additional positions may be found in the National Security section Source.

Barack Obama

Words: Obama advocates a slow, scheduled withdrawal from Iraq (which he argues was a strategic blunder) and feels we should have an open dialogue with Syria and Iran. He believes that the focus of the “war on terror” should be on al-Qaeda in Pakistan and the Taliban. “We live in a more dangerous world, partly as a consequence of Bush’s actions, primarily because of this war in Iraq that should have never been authorized or waged. … The US has to reserve all military options in facing an imminent threat - but we have to do it wisely.”

Actions: A long time critic of the invasion of Iraq, Obama voted AGAINST redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007 (2006) but FOR redeploying troops out of Iraq by March 2008 (2007). The Center for Security Policy has given Obama a rating of 21%.
Hillary Clinton

Words: Clinton believes we should redeploy troops out of Iraq accompanied by regional diplomacy; she takes responsibility for her vote to authorize the use of force against Iran, but does not feel it was a mistake, claiming “we are safer than we were, but we’re not yet safe enough”. She further proposed setting a cap on troop levels until they are redeployed. She also feels that we should rule out using nukes on Iran and believes in supporting Israel unequivocally. “There is no question mark next to me - there’s an exclamation point. I am an emphatic, unwavering supporter of Israel’s safety and security.”

Actions: Clinton proposed a measure setting October 11, 2007, as the expiration date of the authorization to use force against Iraq. She voted FOR authorizing the use of force against Iraq (2002), FOR funding military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (2003), FOR on requiring on-budget funding rather than emergency funding for Iraq (2005), AGAINST redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007 (2006), and FOR redeploying troops out of Iraq by March 2008 (2007). The Center for Security Policy has given her a rating of 21%.
John Edwards

Words: Edwards feels that al-Qaeda should be the target in the “war on terror”, not Iraq, that North Korea’s nuclear program should be shut down, and that our security depends on working with our allies. He voted for the authorization to use force in Iraq, but has since recanted and apologized for that decision. He supports requiring President Bush to seek new authorization for military action. “What this global war on terror bumper sticker-political slogan … was intended to do was for Bush to use it to justify everything he does. The ongoing war in Iraq, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, spying on Americans, torture, none of those things are OK.”

Actions: Edwards voted FOR authorizing air strikes in Kosovo (1999) and FOR using all necessary force (1999), FOR authorizing the use of force against Iraq (2002), and AGAINST funding military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (2003).

Policies in relation to corporate regulation and deregulation, tax incentives, business development, and corruption are all included. Source.
Hillary Clinton

Words: Clinton feels that “to the corporate elite” middle class and working Americans are invisible. She believes there is a “culture of corruption and cronyism” in Washington and that we need to “stop outsourcing critical government functions to private companies, close the revolving door between government and the lobbying shop, and end no-bid contracts”.

Actions: Clinton voted FOR restricting rules on personal bankruptcy (2001) and FOR repealing the tax subsidy for companies that move jobs offshore (2005). The US Chamber of Commerce has given her a rating of 35%.

John Edwards

Words: Edwards argues that we should eliminate tax breaks for all companies outsourcing jobs. He feels we should support organized labor against mistreatment by corporations and that record corporate profits do not benefit the struggling middle class.

Actions: Edwards voted FOR restricting rules on personal bankruptcy (2001). The US Chamber of Commerce has given him a rating of 15%.
Barack Obama

Words: Obama believes that corporations should be responsible for work conditions and pensions and that there should be tax incentives for corporate responsibility. He feels we should close tax loopholes for companies that relocate abroad and end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs.

Actions: Obama voted AGAINST reforming bankruptcy to include means testing and restrictions (2005) and FOR repealing the tax subsidy for companies that move jobs offshore (2005).

Health Care
A variety of health-related issues are included, ranging from universal health care and AIDS research to veteran’s benefits and assisted suicide. The focus is largely directed by what each candidate has chosen to address. Source.

John Edwards

Words: Edwards believes that universal health care can be implemented through a combination of cost containment and a variety of revenue sources. He advocates full funding for AIDS research. “We’re asking everybody to share in the responsibility of making health care work in this country: employers, those who are in the medical insurance business, employees, the American people - everyone will have to contribute in order to make this work.” He proposes requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance by law.

Actions: Edwards voted AGAINST limiting self-employment health deduction (1999), FOR including prescription drugs under Medicare (2000), AGAINST the Republican “prescription drug benefit” bill (2001), FOR allowing patients to sue HMOs (2001), FOR allowing the import of prescription drugs from Canada (2002), and AGAINST a limited Medicare prescription drug benefit (2003). The American Public Health Association has given Edwards a rating of 100%.

Barack Obama

Words: Obama believes that the federal government should provide health care for everyone. He also feels that we need to increase competition in the insurance and pharmaceutical markets and advocates better funding for AIDS research and prevention. “Too many hard-working Americans cannot afford their medical bills, and health-related issues are the number one cause for personal bankruptcy. Promoting affordable, accessible, and high-quality health care is a priority.”

Actions: Obama voted FOR negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drugs (2005), FOR increasing the Medicaid rebate for producing generics (2005), FOR expanding the enrollment period for Medicare (2006), and FOR requiring negotiated prescription prices for Medicare (2007). The American Public Health Association has given Obama a rating of 100%.Hillary Clinton

Words: Clinton believes in incremental reforms that will lead to universal health care through insurance premium subsidy, but feels that single-payer health care is unrealistic. She also supports AIDS education and research and advocates expanding eligibility for the SCHIP program, expanding Medicare coverage, and requiring all employers to contribute to the cost of their workers’ health care. She proposes expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act and barring insurers from rejecting patients with pre-existing conditions. “We have to lower costs, improve quality and cover everybody.”

Actions: Clinton voted AGAINST the Republican “prescription drug benefit” bill (2001), FOR allowing patients to sue HMOs (2001), FOR allowing the import of prescription drugs from Canada (2002), AGAINST a limited Medicare prescription drug benefit (2003), FOR negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drugs (2005), FOR increasing the Medicaid rebate for producing generics (2005), FOR expanding the enrollment period for Medicare (2006), AGAINST limiting medical liability lawsuits to $250,000, and FOR requiring negotiated prescription prices for Medicare (2007). The American Public Health Association has given Clinton a rating of 100%.

What About the $$$?

See which groups/industries are donating to which candidates (Republicans included) from Open Secrets category:


Commercial Banks



Health Professionals

Hedge Fund/Private Equity


Laywers/Law Firms


Oil and Gas

Pharmaceuticals/Health Products

Real Estate


Securities and Investment

Telephone Utilities



You can take THIS QUIZ to figure out which candidate most matches your positions on the issues. (Note: this quiz matches you up with ALL candidates including some who have dropped out of the race.) I was quite surprised by the order in which the top three Dems came up for my own quiz. It's caused me to re-think my vote.

MLK III Writes to JRE

Photo Source

January 20, 2008

The Honorable John R. Edwards
410 Market Street
Suite 400
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Dear Senator Edwards:

It was good meeting with you yesterday and discussing my father's legacy. On the day when the nation will honor my father, I wanted to follow up with a personal note.

There has been, and will continue to be, a lot of back and forth in the political arena over my father's legacy. It is a commentary on the breadth and depth of his impact that so many people want to claim his legacy. I am concerned that we do not blur the lines and obscure the truth about what he stood for: speaking up for justice for those who have no voice.

I appreciate that on the major issues of health care, the environment, and the economy, you have framed the issues for what they are - a struggle for justice. And, you have almost single-handedly made poverty an issue in this election.

You know as well as anyone that the 37 million people living in poverty have no voice in our system. They don't have lobbyists in Washington and they don't get to go to lunch with members of Congress. Speaking up for them is not politically convenient. But, it is the right thing to do.

I am disturbed by how little attention the topic of economic justice has received during this campaign. I want to challenge all candidates to follow your lead, and speak up loudly and forcefully on the issue of economic justice in America.

From our conversation yesterday, I know this is personal for you. I know you know what it means to come from nothing. I know you know what it means to get the opportunities you need to build a better life. And, I know you know that injustice is alive and well in America, because millions of people will never get the same opportunities you had.

I believe that now, more than ever, we need a leader who wakes up every morning with the knowledge of that injustice in the forefront of their minds, and who knows that when we commit ourselves to a cause as a nation, we can make major strides in our own lifetimes. My father was not driven by an illusory vision of a perfect society. He was driven by the certain knowledge that when people of good faith and strong principles commit to making things better, we can change hearts, we can change minds, and we can change lives.

So, I urge you: keep going. Ignore the pundits, who think this is a horserace, not a fight for justice. My dad was a fighter. As a friend and a believer in my father's words that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, I say to you: keep going. Keep fighting. My father would be proud.


Martin L. King, III

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bush's Legacy, By the Numbers

Click on the chart for a larger, more readable image:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Voting Tips for California's Propositions

Speak Out California is a wonderful progressive group. They've put together a very helpful, well researched voter guide for the February 5th election HERE. It's a quick read and it ought to help you decide how to vote on the propositions.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Continuing MLK's Important Work

Photo Source

A message from film maker Robert Greenwald:

Dear activists, colleagues and friends,
Today we honor Dr. King's birthday. We all know him because of his historic impact on civil rights, but many don't realize that later in life he fought just as passionately for the rights of workers and against the entrenched institutions of injustice.

"Equality means dignity. And dignity demands a job and a paycheck that lasts through the week."

The War on Greed is exactly this kind of fight. The livelihoods of families have been directly attacked by the actions of buyout billionaires like Henry Kravis putting Wall Street's special interests ahead of his 800,000 employees... and pocketing $51,000 an hour in the process.

The first step must be taxing these buyout billionaires at a fair tax rate. It will not solve all the problems, but it is a strong and forceful beginning. With the presidential campaigns underway, it is the perfect time to force this issue into the campaigns the way we did with Wal-Mart and Iraq for Sale.

As our friend Rev. Yearwood, leader of the Hip Hop Caucus, has said: "We are facing a lunch counter moment for the 21st century."

Please join us at our virtual lunch counter by signing the petition to presidential candidates demanding they pledge to close the loopholes and tax the tax dodgers. Buyout billionaires are a menace to our economy. People are hurting, badly, and we must take beginning steps to bring the issue of corporate greed and economic equality to the nation's attention.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films crew

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Still Supporting Edwards

Friday, January 18, 2008

YO! What Happened to Peace?

(Click image to enlarge)

This was forwarded to me by Art Hazelwood (link below).
This internationally traveling show of pro-peace prints comes to San Francisco with a bevy of screen printers making free prints for all. If you're in the area this is a MUST SEE:
After a great event at Lava in Stockholm, Sweden (pictures on YO! PEACE), Yo! What Happened to Peace? is back in the U.S.A. and our first stop of 2008 will be at the Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco.

Yo! artist Gee Vaucher is currently showing her "Introspective" at Jack Hanley, and Yo! will be participating in the closing events of the show. On January 17th, 18th and 19th, a portion of the Yo! show will be up alongside Vaucher's prints, collages, drawings and paintings. We have also invited California Yo! artists to come and join us for a live screen printing session:

January 19th, 6-10pm

Gee Vaucher,
Winston Smith,
Eric Drooker,
Favianna Rodriguez,
Karen Fiorito,
Art Hazelwood,
Kelly Maxxx,
Mear One,
Doug Minkler,
Chris Shaw,
Jesus Barraza,
Kevin E. Taylor and
Adam Smith

Each live screenprinting will include work from the artists in attendance that will be printed as a street poster and given away to all guests of the show. A selection of Yo! exhibition prints and the Yo! What Happened to Peace?book will also be available.

In addition, on January 19th, Penny Rimbaud (Crass, Last Amendment) will perform his spoken word/poetry with the musical accompaniment of Louise Elliott (Jazzhearts) in the gallery.

Please join us and our friends from across the pond to promote a more peaceful 2008!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Double & Triple Check Your Voter Registration!

Fellow citizen we have a very important vote coming up in just a few short weeks.

Here's a cool new website that can instantly confirm that you're Registered To Vote!. (In California, your registration must be postmarked by Tuesday, January 22nd.)

Remember if you live in any of the following states your vote could help decide the next Democratic presidential candidate (make your vote count!):

PRIMARY & CAUCUS DATES (As of 11/29/07):

Michigan - January 15th
Nevada - January 19th
South Carolina - January 26th
Florida - January 29th
Maine - February 1st
Alabama - February 5th
Alaska - February 5th
Arizona - February 5th
Arkansas - February 5th
California - February 5th
Colorado - February 5th
Connecticut - February 5th
Delaware - February 5th
Georgia - February 5th
Idaho - February 5th
Illinois - February 5th
Kansas - February 5th
Massachusetts - February 5th
Minnesota - February 5th
Missouri - February 5th
New Jersey - February 5th
New Mexico - February 5th
New York - February 5th
North Dakota - February 5th
Oklahoma - February 5th
Tennessee - February 5th
Utah - February 5th


If you can't decide who to vote for try this handy Online Test from Minnesota Public Radio to match your issue positions with a candidate's.

You can also watch videos, and access the websites of all the Dem candidates (including a few who have dropped out already) HERE.

Who am I voting for? Unless he drops out, I'm planning to vote for John Edwards because I want his progressive message to stay alive in this race. I like his populist agenda and his universal health care plan. I like that although he made the mistake of voting for the Iraq war he has apologized for that error and pledges to end the war if elected.

You can read his platform with your own eyes HERE.

If you'd like to help him stay in the race you can donate to his campaign HERE.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Global Warming Solution in Just 9 Minutes!

The video below features high school science teacher Greg Craven chatting for nine minutes and 33 seconds about global warming. He doesn't spend much time talking about doom and gloom (submerged cities, global famine, etc.), nor does he go on and on about the scientific causes. Instead, he cuts to the chase, making a sound logical argument about why global warming should not be ignored. It comes down to this: Given our options of either doing something about the (potential) problem or not doing something, we're still better off doing something, because inaction is very, very risky. It may seem obvious, but the guy is compelling, please watch and share:

And here's a follow up video:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pick Your President Poll (California, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Washington, & Wisconson)

For California folks:
Who will you vote for?

It's decision time for millions of progressive Californians just like you. Which candidate deserves your vote to become the next President of the United States?

Iowa and New Hampshire have had their say -- and the results have shocked the pundits. Now, for the first time in decades, the California primary matters. With the White House hanging in the balance, the decision is yours.

You can vote right now for your favorite candidate in a unique online poll of progressives in California and across the country.

As you vote at "Pick Your President," five of our progressive non-partisan partner organizations will be surveying their supporters as well in Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin (polling both Democratic and Republican candidates).

If you support a specific candidate -- and you know many people who agree with you -- it's time to rally them to the cause. Today.

By spreading the word about this unique online poll of progressives in California and across the country, you can help your favorite candidate build momentum immediately. No matter which candidate you are backing, their campaigns are counting on you.

This year, Californians may well decide who gets the nomination on both sides of the aisle.

With over 15 million people registered to vote, California has more voters than the "January states" -- Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina -- combined. In addition, nearly 20% of the delegates needed for the Democratic nomination will come from the Golden State.

That's why your vote matters more now than at any time in the last twenty years. And that's why the Courage Campaign is participating in a unique online poll, conducted with our sister organizations in five other states, to see who you think should win the White House.

On January 18, the day before the Nevada Caucuses, the Courage Campaign will announce the winner of this special poll of California progressives.

Until then, candidate rankings will be updated frequently, so you'll be able to track your candidate's progress by refreshing the "Results" page often.

Thank you for making 2008 the beginning of a new era for progressive politics in California and the world.

Rick Jacobs
Chair, Courage Campaign

P.S. California's primary actually started on Monday, when millions of registered voters were mailed ballots by Secretary of State Debra Bowen. Today, votes are being cast. By February 5, it's quite possible that more than 50% of the California electorate will already have voted by mail.


Monday, January 07, 2008

George McGovern Says "Impeach"

Click HERE for full text of McGovern's speech calling for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama & Edwards Number 1 & 2 in Iowa

I've listed The results from last night's first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus for the next U.S. President below along with a video by winner Barack Obama and runner up John Edwards.

Next on January 8th is the New Hampshire primary. You can bet that Hillary is going to POUR IT ON! She has to win that primary to stay viable. Personally, I'd love to see an Obama/Edwards ticket. I think those two candidates represent not only a clear break with radical conservative politics (ala Bush and the GOP) but they're both more on the progressive end of the Democratic party (especially Edwards.) An African American Northerner partnered with a White Southerner could also symbolize an end to some of our dreadful racial divisions. Although I'd surely love to see a women president I don't think Hillary is progressive enough. She takes a lot of money from corporate lobbyists and tends to listen to them more than to regular folks like us. However, if she ends up as the nominee I'll gladly vote for her.

Primaries are about voting your heart and you should pick the candidate whose personality and policies speak to you. I have each of them on video tape HERE as well as the dates for all the upcoming primaries and caucuses until February 5th (Super Tuesday.)

I just sent the Edwards campaign a donation because he's the only candidate taking public financing (no PAC or corporate donations) and I want him to be able to afford to come and campaign in California for our February 5th primary. I like his populist agenda and his universal health care plan. I like that although he made the mistake of voting for the Iraq war he has apologized for that error and pledges to end the war if elected. If you'd like to help him stay in the race you can donate to his campaign HERE.

Iowa Caucus Democratic Party Results

Senator Barack Obama : 37.58%
Senator John Edwards : 29.75%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 29.47%
Governor Bill Richardson : 2.11%
Senator Joe Biden : 0.93%
Uncommitted : 0.14%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.02%
Precincts Reporting: 1781 of 1781
(Percentages are State Delegate Equivalents.)

Iowa Caucus Republican Party Results