Saturday, January 12, 2008

Double & Triple Check Your Voter Registration!

Fellow citizen we have a very important vote coming up in just a few short weeks.

Here's a cool new website that can instantly confirm that you're Registered To Vote!. (In California, your registration must be postmarked by Tuesday, January 22nd.)

Remember if you live in any of the following states your vote could help decide the next Democratic presidential candidate (make your vote count!):

PRIMARY & CAUCUS DATES (As of 11/29/07):

Michigan - January 15th
Nevada - January 19th
South Carolina - January 26th
Florida - January 29th
Maine - February 1st
Alabama - February 5th
Alaska - February 5th
Arizona - February 5th
Arkansas - February 5th
California - February 5th
Colorado - February 5th
Connecticut - February 5th
Delaware - February 5th
Georgia - February 5th
Idaho - February 5th
Illinois - February 5th
Kansas - February 5th
Massachusetts - February 5th
Minnesota - February 5th
Missouri - February 5th
New Jersey - February 5th
New Mexico - February 5th
New York - February 5th
North Dakota - February 5th
Oklahoma - February 5th
Tennessee - February 5th
Utah - February 5th


If you can't decide who to vote for try this handy Online Test from Minnesota Public Radio to match your issue positions with a candidate's.

You can also watch videos, and access the websites of all the Dem candidates (including a few who have dropped out already) HERE.

Who am I voting for? Unless he drops out, I'm planning to vote for John Edwards because I want his progressive message to stay alive in this race. I like his populist agenda and his universal health care plan. I like that although he made the mistake of voting for the Iraq war he has apologized for that error and pledges to end the war if elected.

You can read his platform with your own eyes HERE.

If you'd like to help him stay in the race you can donate to his campaign HERE.


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