Sunday, September 07, 2008

Current Political Art

Dishonorable Mention - Detail ©2008 Emily Duffy, photo by Sibila Savage

I'm pleased to share with you not only my own new political artwork but also that of the Art of Democracy Coalition. I'm proud that my own exhibit at True World Gallery in Joshua Tree, is a part of this international effort. Artists and galleries are working hard to influence the upcoming critical presidential election. We want to ensure that November 4, 2008 is the END of the right-wing domination of American government.

If you find yourself in Southern California between October 11th and the November election please see the combined exhibits at True World and Red Arrow galleries:

"11th Hour"
October 4-26, 2008
Joshua Tree, CA

61740 29 Palms Hwy.
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
The Elephant in the Room
Political Art by Emily Duffy
October 11-November 2
(online exhibit:


61010 29 Palms Hwy.
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
New Works by Bret Philpot & Bobby Furst
October 4th - October 26th, 2008


Photo by Ken Duffy

Art of Democracy is a national coalition of artists and galleries working to "amplify artistic voices willing to speak out in this dangerous hour" and before this critical presidential election.

On Thursday my husband Ken and I went to the opening reception for the Art of Democracy show at Meridian Gallery in San Francisco. He took some photos of some of the excellent artwork in that must-see exhibit. You can view a few of them on his Flickr page but if you're in the SF Bay Area you need to go see the exhibit live!


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