Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convention Shows Democrats Finally Growing Spine Back

After almost 2 decades since the Republican party's Contract "On" America, and 8 monstrous years of George W. Bush Administration policies, and so Heuculean effort by millions of regular citizens such as myself, it appears the Democratic Party is finally paying attention. That doesn't mean we can sit back and trust them to stay on track pulling the country out of the GOP gutter but it gives a whiff of that stuff Senator Obama keeps mentioning, that quality we had almost forgotten, HOPE!

Last night was the 2nd of the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, CO. There were many good speeches,(lots of sappy music, and boiler-plate pro-America stuff) but some real gems too. I especially liked what former Virginia Governor Mark Warner (an Obama VP contender) had to say. You can watch it here (or read the text at the link below):

Senator Hillary Clinton also delivered a strong speech, one she really had to deliver, both in order to convince her own supporters to rally behind Obama, and to show the party, and the nation, that she's in for the national team effort rather than just trying to win for herself. This was crucial and she did a great job:

Read Warner's Speech


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