Sunday, August 03, 2008

Coming Soon!!!

I'm pleased to announce that I'm almost finished with the group of sculptures I'll be exhibiting in my first solo show. I'll be premiering the artwork here on the blog first (and in other cyberspace locales) before the "bricks and mortar" show at True World Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA.

Here's a preview:

(Click on image for larger view)

Democratic Spine © 2008 Emily Duffy
Wood, parchment replica of the Bill of Rights, quotes from Democrats WITH spine, velvet, metal, plastic, varnish.

Every time the Democrats in Congress cave in to George W. Bush, or the radical right, I think that they've lost their collective spine, that it's somehow been separated from the party's very body. To much of the damage done to America these long years of right-wing rule has been at the hands of Democrats. Lack of citizen oversight, and years of perpetual incumbencies, made the party weak and insular. The GOP was able to launch a complete take-over of our government, (ironically) in 1994. George W. Bush's presidency is the worst, and final (goddess-willing) chapter in this dreadful story of regression, radical ideological abuses, and outright criminal acts.

All through these dark years there have been Democrats continuing to stand up for the party's basic principals. At first they were lone whispers in the political wilderness but ever since the U.S. Supreme Count decided the 2000 presidential election in Bush's favor there's been a groundswell of resistance. This grassroots movement has slowly been able to replace and/or reform members of Congress to their sworn duties. It's also resulted in the first REAL possibility of an African American president. In 2008 America is on the brink of regaining it's political balance and sanity. Let's each do our part to help that effort!

Details about the exhibit!

More to come soon!

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