Sunday, July 27, 2008

Schwarzenegger Mucks Up California Some More

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced last week that he will sign an Executive Order on Monday slashing the wages of over 200,000 state employees to the bare minimum.

Not California's minimum wage of $8 per hour. The federal minimum wage of $6.55.

Six dollars and fifty-five cents an hour!!!

Imagine trying to pay your bills on $6.55 an hour. Now imagine what will happen to thousands of vital service workers forced to live on poverty-level wages. A nauseating irony: many state employees may need to seek aid from the very state services that employ them.

So, the Courage Campaign has launched a pressure petition and we all need to support it! Just click on the link and sign the petition then please share it around with your contact list.

Sometimes politicians need to raise taxes to balance budgets (especially in recessions.) Sometimes they need to raise taxes on their wealthy friends first. Would you rather see a few of Arnold's millionaire pals pay more taxes or 200,000 of the State's blue-collar workers try to eek out a living on $6.55 per hour? Do the right thing...go HERE to put in your $.02!


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