Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Michigan/Florida Solution, WHEW!

Not sure if you know but there's been a months-long controversy within the Democratic Party regarding the delegates from Michigan and Florida. It's very confusing and convoluted but the gist is:

Traditionally Iowa holds "First-in-the-nation" status for Presidential primaries, with New Hampshire coming second. For the 2008 Presidential election the state parties of Michigan and Florida tried to schedule their own primaries to occur before Iowa's. This is against party rules and the Democratic National Committee punished the two states for breaking those rules by refusing to seat their delegates in the August Convention (in Denver, CO.)

Now originally Clinton thought she was a shoo-in for the nomination and she, along with all the other Democratic candidates, signed a document with the DNC promising not to campaign in either state. She did however, leave her name on the ballot in both states. Obama removed his name from the ballot in Florida.

Now, as Obama closes in on the magic number of delegates needed to win the Democratic party's nomination, Clinton (who trails badly) is demanding that all the delegates from Michigan and Florida be seated at the convention. Supporters on both sides are furious.

Horrendous anti-Obama sign

So, today the Democratic Party's Rules Committee settled the dispute. Their decision is to seat all the delegates at the convention but each of them will only have the power of a 1/2 vote. This is a big concession from both candidates and a good compromise.

Clinton's representatives and supporters were so angry at the meeting that over two dozen of them were ejected from the room. In contrast the Obama campaign was very clear going into this meeting that no one should make trouble in the candidate's account. From everything I've read they remained true to the request.

Clinton issued a statement that she may very well appeal the ruling of the committee. I sincerely hope not for the good of the Democratic party, and the country.

The Democratic Primary ends official on June 3, 2008 with the last three contests in Puerto Rico (June 1st) New Mexico and South Dakota. Let it end with a clear, clean win by Barack Obama so we can get to the work of defeating John McSame's campaign to continue the crime wave of George W. Bush!

Obama Hope by Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant)

Here's a TIMELINE of the entire 2-year-long fiasco.

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