Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Memory of Marilyn Dreampeace

This weekend is the Houston, Texas Orange Show. It's the world's largest, and longest-running ArtCar parade. My dear friend Marilyn Dreampeace traveled from California to Houston many a May to participate in this unique event. We lost Marilyn last November (cancer) so this year the Houston folks had a memorial for her. Here is the lovely message her life-partner, Shalom Dreampeace Compost sent for them to play in her memory:

I am not alone in deeply missing Marilyn. Her zest for life, her gentle stubborness (especially when she wanted me to see or learn something new and I was resisting) and her enormous loving heart did make this world more beautiful. I always think of her when I'm traveling in my ArtCar and even tied some purple ribbons on my antenna to remind me to emulate her open spirit when out adventuring.

You didn't have to know Marilyn yourself to use her life as a model for your own. You can read more about her in the blog post I put up last November. And you can see some of the wonderful photos Ken and other folks took of Marilyn HERE. Although she lived through plenty of tragedy she didn't use it to get over on people...even after her (terminal diagnosis.) There were times I thought she might actually outrun the cancer because she was so damn busy the last two years traveling, visiting friends and family, gambling (she loved penny slots) and showing her wonderful decorated cars at festivals all over America and Canada.


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