Sunday, April 06, 2008

So It Turns Out We DO Torture!?!

The ACLU recently forced the release of a secret document written by UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo (I know the irony is terribly bitter.) Back in 2003 before invading Iraq, the Bush Administration was busy trying to rewrite US law in order to set up a profitable war business in that hapless country. Here is a small nugget from this heinous document, "your government at work?"

As we have made clear in other opinions involving the war against al Qaeda, the Nation's right to self-defense has been triggered by the events of September 11. If a government defendant were to harm an enemy combatant during an interrogation in a manner that might arguably violate a criminal prohibition, he would be doing so in order to prevent further attacks on the United States by the al Qaeda terrorist network. In that case, we believe that he' could argue that the executive branch's constitutional authority to protect the nation from attack justified his actions. This national and international version of the right to self-defense could supplement and bolster the government defendant's individual right. Read more here!

They point out,
There has never been a more urgent need to preserve fundamental privacy protections and our system of checks and balances than the need we face today, as illegal government spying, provisions of the Patriot Act and government-sponsored torture programs transcend the bounds of law and our most treasured values in the name of national security.

Please help the ACLU continue is fine work watchdogging our "leaders" and doing their part to help save our democracy. I've been donating $20.00 per month for a year now, figuring it's a small price to pay for a group willing to ask the hard questions on a daily basis.



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