Thursday, April 17, 2008


My Dear Friends,

Last night I listened to the Democratic Presidential debate via radio so I wouldn't have to wait until 8pm Pacific time to watch it. It was frankly the WORST run debate I've heard in my 30 years as a voter. I counted how long it took the moderators to ask an actual policy question...ONE HOUR! For a full hour they badgered the candidates about flag pins, ministers, sniper fire, and "bitterness of voters" remarks. All of this stuff had previously been hashed, and OVERHASHED in the mainstream news media all week. The only reason I tuned in to the debate is that I specifically wanted to hear Clinton and Obama describe in detail their plans to 1) get our troops out of Iraq, 2) fix the mortgage crisis, 3) get us all health insurance, 4) repair the economy, 5) keep us from bombing Iran, 6) getting lobbyists out of our government, and 7) repair our reputation in the world. ONE FULL HOUR of every American who bothered to tune in was wasted, WASTED! ABC News, Charles Gibson, and George Stephanopoulos must have mistaken the program for an edition of the Jerry Springer show rather than the crucial final debate prior to what may be the last primary in a race for the most important job in America. SHAME on ABC, SHAME on parent company Disney. Don't put up with this crap! Let them know how you feel about the work they did last night:

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