Monday, April 07, 2008

Get Yourself to New Orleans This Weekend!

The BraBall © 2008 Emily Duffy. Photo by Sibila Savage.

I'm very proud to announce that my sculpture, The BraBall, will make an appearance at the 10th Anniversary celebration of Eve Ensler's "Vagina Monologues" this weekend (April 11 and 12, 2008) in New Orleans. The AVAM has loaned the BraBall, along with several other artworks, for this important anniversary.

Enlser's ground-breaking play has been performed thousands of times by groups all over the world and her non-profit organization has raised,
...over $50 million for local anti violence groups with benefit events taking place in over 120 countries to date. V-Day supports anti-violence organizations throughout the world, helping them to continue and expand their core work on the ground, while drawing public attention to the larger fight to stop worldwide violence (including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), sexual slavery) against women and girls. V-Day combines art and activism to stage large-scale benefits and produce innovative gatherings, films, and programs to educate and change social attitudes regarding violence against women. Source

If you're anywhere New Orleans this weekend, this is a MUST SEE, star-studded event for a great cause.

Why New Orleans you might wonder?
The women of New Orleans and the gulf south - Katrina Warriors - have
survived the fall out of global warming, failure of public structures, racism, economic hardship, and domestic abuse. All of these are pieces of the story of violence that continues to impact women here in this country and around the world.

This years V-Day Spotlight on Women in New Orleans and the Gulf South will honor Katrina Warriors for their strength and resilience in the face of devastating loss. The spotlight will highlight the daily ongoing work of women in their communities who have steadfastly kept New Orleans and the Gulf South alive with little to no resources. It will bring attention and funds so that women may be safe and empowered in a region whose pulse beats like no other. -Source

But even if you can't make it to New Orleans this weekend, chances are there is a V-Day performance/celebration near you. Go HERE to find it!

Please spread the word of this event far and wide. I hope you get a chance to see the remarkable BraBall sculpture (created with 18,085 donated bras send from women all around the globe. More details about the sculpture project HERE.)

Please respect the work of the artists you see here and be sure to credit them when you share their artwork with others.

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Blogger Karen said...

will check out the Bra Ball..Thanks to my flickr friend and your husband I ended up here.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Emily, I never knew the story about your braball before - that is so cool. I can't believe how big and heavy it is. I don't know where you get your inspiration from but it awes me. Kudos to you! --Kathy

12:33 PM  

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