Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Condoleezza Rice Helped Set Up U.S. Torture System!

What kind of woman is this?

Read about this shocking new revelation HERE! Demand Rice's resignation. As soon as Bush is out of office the entire lot of these criminals need to be brought to justice! (We have to wait so that Bush can't pardon any of them while he's still president.) We also have to make sure that John McCain doesn't get a chance to pardon them either. Do your part! Donate to a progressive Democrat HERE!


Blogger ladybroadoak said...

Don't demand a resignation, demand IMPEACHMENT.

do not waste time - write a citizen's letter of complaint to the ICC and put it on file.

You may be asked to testify when the time comes.

Get ready. Tell your friends what I am telling you.

As it appears to me that you are living in the Bay Area, support Shirley Golub, get out and work HARD for her campaign. Millions in the world will thank you, me included.

The spraying is a crime against humanity, go and talke with a good Constitutional lawyer near you and see what they recommend and you'll see - we must do more than ask for a resignation, as she most SURELY ain't gonna resign.

4:18 PM  

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