Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is Why I Like Barack Obama...

Today I realized that Hilary should have run in 2004. She would have beaten Bush for sure and she would have made a terrific president then. Now, however, after a double dose of Bush we need more than pragmatic, "experience", and traditional political processes, we need what Obama (and Edwards) offers/offered, HOPE, INSPIRATION, A DREAM WE CAN BELIEVE IN AND WORK FOR. There is so much shit to clean up that just rolling up our sleeves isn't enough. We need the DESIRE to do the work and Obama is creating that desire like no one else would, or could right now. He is the man of the hour, he is the person we need, he is our candidate, the antidote to Bush!

If you agree please donate to his campaign. Barack Obama is not taking a single penny from lobbyists, it's all from regular folks like you and me. Send him what you can, let's take our country back!

Donate here.


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