Friday, December 21, 2007

"Merry Crisis-Mess and a Happy No Fear!"

Department of Homeland Security Blanket © 2007 Jessica Vitkus

Below is a letter to the editor from one of my blog readers, Ron Greenstein. I'm hoping the San Francisco Chronicle does print his entertaining missive:
"Merry Crisis-Mess and a Happy No Fear! Shouldn’t anyone who has been paying attention be ready to consider the state of our country and world as a crisis? And with so much incompetence, corruption, ill health (physical/psychological, social, economic, etc.), hatreds, wars and goofy weather, mess is a most accurate description. But, you might wonder, what is there to be merry about? Wisdom knows a crisis-mess presents a challenge, and to one inspired to meet the challenge there is the potential for self-fulfillment. Is there anything better than that? Furthermore we have all witnessed, whether in our own experience or through stories, how people in a crisis can come together like a family would, and how people have risen above petty selfishness to perform heroic deeds.

So, do you recognize that we have a crisis situation, and do you long to take up the challenge of doing what you can toward getting us through it and correcting that which has precipitated it? If so, Merry Crisis-Mess to you!

One final point is that this mess is the result of what we have been thinking, wanting, and the behaviors that express these. Hence, our task is to begin our fearless, merry questioning of it all. Experiment with the uncommon, the inappropriate, and the blasphemous. This will require getting used to (merrily) being thought of as naive, foolish, and crazy. Happy No Fear!"

12-20-08 -Ron Greenstein

I should also point out a new icon here on the blog, the Countdown to end of Bush! It's located at the top of the column of resources over there on the right side of this page


January 20, 2009 is the date that the next U.S. President will be sworn into office. We must do all we can to be sure it is NOT another Republican. We must demand that it's also not a Republican in a Democratic disguise. Learn about the Democratic candidates, (there's a really good field) and pick the one who's plans you think will get the country out of the terrible mess it's in. Pick the one for the primary who you connect with on policy, who speaks for and too you. Send them money if you can spare it, this is the time to push for your views. The primaries start on January 3, 2008 in Iowa, and it will likely be decided on Super Tuesday (which now includes California!)


Information on the 2008 Presidential Candidates:

From the Washington Post

From Project Vote Smart

From the New York Times

Who's got what $$ from where?
Show Me the Money!

A handy issue comparison chart

So how about using just a wee bit of your holiday digestion time to do a little political homework? The country you save may be your own!

Happy Holidays to one and all!

Antique Unitarian Universalist holiday card from Ken Duffy's collection.

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