Monday, November 19, 2007

Resistance Pops Up in the Strangest Places

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From San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Jon Carroll:
Bridge is, as I understand it, a vicious game, where no quarter is asked and none given. It often ends with a triumphant sneer as the winning trick is played. Mock sympathy is then proffered and cold comfort taken. Competitors play mind games with each other, and, because their minds are so very good, the games tend to be subtle too - and nasty.

Nevertheless, a group of bridge players does not look like a convocation of warriors. They are by and large an elderly group - the graying of bridge is a much-discussed issue - and they neither brandish swords nor shout oaths. Further, bridge players tend to live in a genteel world apart from the hurly and the burly of modern life. Concerted political action is not their thing.

So the story that appeared in the newspaper last week was surprising. At the world championships, held in Shanghai, some members of the American women's team decided to hold up a small sign - no bigger than a piece of stationery, really - during the closing ceremonies. The sign said, "I did not vote for George Bush."
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UPDATE: Bridge ladies' punishment recinded. Read the new developments HERE!


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