Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's My Birthday...

So I can "cry" if I want to!

Yes folks, I'm turning the big 5-ohhhh on Monday November 5th! HALF A CENTURY!!! I truly can't believe that I've lived this long. I know 50 sounds young to many of you but to me, it's a real miracle. I did so many stupid, dangerous, life-threatening things back in my teen years that I just didn't think I'd reach this age.

Then after I grew up a bit, and realized that I did indeed want to live a long time, two years ago, I had brain surgery on a benign tumor (meningioma). And two years before that I had an emergency appendectomy. I thought for sure I was a goner both times, yet here I am about to celebrate the biggest birthday of my life so far.

I am very lucky, not only to have lived this long but to have a comfortable, happy life for the most part. It sure didn't start out that way (terrible childhood, incest survivor, lots of therapy, etc.), but my life is really good now despite even those health scares I've had. What turned my life around? Two things really, one was seeking help (therapy, anti-depressants when needed etc.), the other was meeting Ken.

Although he claims we met in high school (I don't actually remember it), I met (or re-met) Ken on August 14, 1986 and we've been together ever since. He has been the most generous, loving, fun partner and best friend I could ever have wished for. We've built a terrific life together, one filled with fun, creativity, friends, adventure and travel. We've also had some really tough times but weathered them together. We've faced illness, death of loved ones, financial trouble, and many other difficulties. (Ken had brain surgery 12 years before I did for a different kind of tumor, also benign thankfully. His unfortunately left him deaf in one ear.)

Anyway, enough about all that, I could go on forever. It's true I'm very lucky, and I'm extremely grateful for my life on this planet. But there is one thing I want... really want for this landmark birthday:

I want my country back!!!!

Seven years ago this month, our constitution was broken and it's yet to be repaired. In fact each day of each proceeding year has brought increasing damage to the precious document our nation's laws were based upon. What do I want for my 1/2 century birthday? I want to see the duly elected 43rd U.S. President serve his term. I don't think America will be fixed again until Al Gore serves his term in office.

You can say I'm dreaming, I'm daffy, or I'm foolish but I see no "earthly" reason not to at least put the idea out there and try to make something of it. I think it's worth it.

To that end, I ask you, in lieu of gifts, cards, etc. to write to Al Gore and ask him to take his rightful place at the head of our government. You can do that here:

Honorable Al Gore
2100 West End Avenue
Suite 620
Nashville, TN

FAX: 615-327-1323
Phone: 615-327-2227

Thanks for reading this, for being my beloved friend or family member, and for caring enough about this poor old world of ours to want to leave it in better shape than how you received it.


This video is entertaining but the music is pretty bad. Still, it's worth a watch:


Blogger Pamela Lyn said...

Belated Birthday Greetings
from a fellow blogger and fellow Scorpio.

May all your wishes, especially the one about getting the country back, come true.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Emily Duffy said...

Hello Pamela,

Thanks so much for your birthday wishes and a belated birthday to you as well! I'm not sure how you found me here on blogspot, but I'm glad you did. I really like what you're doing with your blogs. I can see we're both working towards the same noble goals for our country and the world. It always gives me hope to meet other people who are willing to do this difficult but necessary work.

Also, I was born in Philadelphia, but have only visited there once since. I didn't have much time to see the city, I think we were there for only 24 hours or something, but did visit the Barnes Collection (very odd place). We also visited the Liberty Bell Museum, saw some historic neighborhoods, walked around at the University (where my Dad first taught way back in the 1950s) and even drove by the hospital where I was born. I think we lived in the Drexel neighborhood when I was born, but can't be sure as my parents are a bit fuzzy on the facts from 50 years ago.

Anyway, I'll put you on my blogroll because I see you're doing some excellent reporting. Your post about Pakistan is so right on!


9:36 AM  

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