Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Holiday Art/Peace Project You Can Join

ArtCar artists Todd and Kiralinda from Safety Harbor, Florida (page 31 in the ArtCar Book by Harrod Blank) live in a house they call Whimzey.

They are creating an Light Holiday Installation with their home and yard and they need you to send them art, poems, stories etc. about what Peace means to you. All proceeds go to charity.

Easy instructions:
Buy a Priority Mail envelope at the post office or Office Max Cut open the sides. Fold it inside out and put the creation on the inside of the envelope. Fold it back up and mail it to Todd and Kiralinda at:

1206 3rd st. n.
Safety Harbor, Florida , 34695 USA

You needn't be a "professional" or even a "good" artist to participate. We all need to be a part of PEACE. Here's another video to help you understand what art is in case you need a splination (hat tip to my friend artist Lisa Greenstein for this hilarious link:


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