Friday, September 07, 2007

...When September Ends

Green Day

Now, after months of putting the American people off with promises of the all-knowing, all-explaining "Patreaus Report" there apparently won't even be an actual report. From the Washington Times (via Think Progress)
A senior military officer said there will be no written presentation to the president on security and stability in Iraq. "There is no report. It is an assessment provided by them by testimony," the officer said.

The only hard copy will be Gen. Petraeus' opening statement to Congress, scheduled for Monday, along with any charts he will use in explaining the results of the troop surge in Baghdad over the past several months. Full story here.

Yes friends, the Bushies continue their shell game with national security and the Freedom of Information Act. These folks are busily doing their most important task yet destroying evidence of their previous crimes and mistakes, er um I mean putting the finishing touches on Bush's "legacy". Knowing that, how could we possibly expect them to allow General Patreaus (a kow-towing PR hack), to report what's really going on in Iraq? Even this completely compromised flunky can't hide the pile of dead bodies, stolen billions, and escalating violence in that poor country. So, they won't even let him write it down. There will be no evidence for future generations to find. It's all locked down, erased, deleted, and hell, didn't even happen.

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