Friday, September 21, 2007

Right Wing Comes Unglued Over MoveOn Ads

Senate Condemns MoveOn Ad -- Group Hits Back

By Editor and Publisher Staff

Published: September 20, 2007 3:20 PM ET

NEW YORK After the U.S. Senate today easily passed a resolution, with 72 votes, condemning actions by after its recent "General Betrayus" full-page ad in The New York Times, the activist group has hit back.

In an email to members this afternoon, group leaders declared, "Every day, our brave men and women are dying in a bloody civil war this Senate has done nothing to stop. Yesterday, they couldn't even pass a bill to give soldiers adequate leave with their families before redeploying. But they're spending time cracking down on a newspaper ad?

"So, we're making clear where America stands. We're releasing a statement from MoveOn members—and anyone else who feels the same way—saying, 'We will not be quiet, will fight back. We will keep speaking out until Congress forces an exit plan for this awful war.'" It asked members to follow a link to endorse it.

MoveOn charges that the blowback on the ad is "part of a larger campaign by Fox, the right-wing echo chamber...And it has one purpose: to intimidate all of us. To send a message that anyone who speaks unpleasant truths about this war will pay. To make everyone—especially politicians—think twice before they accuse the administration of lying."

It adds that the resolution, which was backed by many Democrats (but not Sen. Hillary Clinton, with Sen. Barack Obama not voting) "absurdly" claims that MoveOn impugns the honor and integrity of all the members of the United States Armed Force "despite the fact that MoveOn includes hundreds of thousands of veterans and military family members, who've led our campaign to bring our troops home."

President Bush also condemned the group and the ad in a press conference today.

Here's the irony about this entire episode is that is 100% funded by it's members, people just like me and perhaps you. It is one of the few large, powerful organizations that is speaking for us to those in power. As you can see from the reaction, our leaders STILL aren't hearing our demand that they end this horrible war in Iraq! We must keep at it, until they do!

See the ad paid for by MoveOn members (like myself) about General Patraeus' clean-scrubbed report about conditions in Iraq HERE!

Read about the right wing backlash this ad has created (too bad they aren't outraged about the monstrous war they helped create)

Note which jelly-spined Democrats signed onto this idiotic bill HERE! (Sorry to report that Dianne Feinstein voted yes on this stupid, wasteful, irrelevant, right wing bill!

See the 2nd add funded by MoveOn members attacking Congress for wasting time, precious lives, and resources HERE!

Please sign the PETITION!

Give your Senators and Representative an earful about the heel-dragging, guilt-shirking, NIMBY behavior they're engaging in. Call them every week until they listen and come November 2008, VOTE THE BUMS OUT!!!


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