Friday, August 10, 2007

CA Sec of State Actually Does Job, Gets Slammed for it!

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Newly elected California Secretary of State Debra Bowen GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS!

Read Bowen's CA Voter Bill of Rights

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Much to the "Elephants" fury, Debra Bowen is doing the job California voters elected her for. They're attacking her for proving (beyond any shadow of a doubt) that several of the electronic voting systems installed in various California counties are not only vulnerable to EASY hacking, but they simply don't work. Not only that, cheapskate county clerks and registrars across the state are whining because they'll probably have to replace the defective, risky systems they all bought from Diebold, Sequoia, Hart, etc. during the HAVA stampede..

Do you know what kind of voting machines your county uses Ms/Mr California voter? If not, you can find out right HERE (thanks to Bowen's office for posting this essential information on the Secretary of State's website - DUH!)

Does your county use these machines?

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or these?

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or perhaps these?

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unethical types could be fiddling with this part of the very machine you vote on:

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So here's what you need to do fellow Californians:

1) Once you've figured out which kind of machine your county uses HERE check to see if it's on Bowen's report HERE.

2) If it is, you need to immediately call your County Clerk or Registrar of Voters who you can find HERE! or on this interactive state map. Tell them to support Debra Bowen's statewide sweep of hackable voting machines and that you want secure, accurate, verifiable voting systems in your county. These public officials, unlike Congresspersons, rarely hear from constituents so your call can have huge impact on this crucial issue.

3) Then write a letter to your local paper/s using the Courage Campaign's easy interface.

Remember everyone, the Republican governor has moved our primary to February (2/5/08 to be exact) so that California will have a big impact on the selection of the two major party candidates running for president. By coincidence (irony) CA GOP is busy trying to change our winner-take-all primary system (hmmm why would they want to do that?) Do we want the GOP deciding who our nominee is by fiddling with our voting machines as they continue their decades-long subversion of American democracy?


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Make sure your County Clerk isn't giving Secretary of State Bowen any resistance as she works to fix the rigged voting machines in our Golden State. Feel free to also send Bowen a message of support!

And remember YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to change this government and this country. Here's proof!

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Kudos to Debra Bowen for doing the right thing. And thanks Emily for your wonderful posts and all you do to keep us informed.

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