Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rodent Dictators by Kelly Lyles

Rodent Dictators © 2007 Kelly Lyles (details of each panel below)

Mouseollini © 2007 Kelly Lyles
In the troubled postwar [world war I]period Mussolini organized his followers, mostly war veterans, in the Fasci di combattimento, which advocated aggressive nationalism, violently opposed the Communists and Socialists, and dressed in black shirts.... Amid strikes, social unrest, and parliamentary breakdown, Mussolini preached forcible restoration of order and practiced terrorism with armed groups. Source

Mouse Tse Tung © 2007 Kelly Lyles
Mao's record is dominated by two disastrous initiatives: the "Great Leap Forward," a broad campaign to organize peasants into communes during the late 1950s that resulted in mass starvation and repression; and the "Cultural Revolution," a youth- and army-driven nationwide campaign for ideological purity, again resulting in widespread repression and death. Source

Bush Rat © 2007 Kelly Lyles

No doubt you know plenty about the George W. Bush's anti-democracy presidency but here is a bit of biographical information about him. In Kelly's triptych Mr. Bush is in very compatible company.

Each piece of Kelly's triptych is approximately 12" x 10".
They're acrylic on Illustration board (paper). $900 for entire piece.

See it live until July 23, 2007 in the current exhibit: CITIZENS IN HELL, ArtCore studios, 5501 Airport Way South (Georgetown) Seattle, WA.

I've known Kelly Lyles for over a decade and we liked each other immediately upon meeting at the first San Francisco ArtCar Fest. We're both ArtCar artists as well as trained fine artists. We also both love to dress up in outrageous costumes whenever possible.

ArtCar Artists (left to right) Emily Duffy, Kelly Lyles, and Jan Elftmann at Houston's Orange Show Photo: Ken Duffy © 2005.

Kelly has somehow been able to do what so many artists haven't been, carve out a living as a full-time artist and avoid "working for the man". That freedom, coupled with economic necessity, has allowed Kelly to branch out into many media and take risks other artists fear. She'll try most anything and she works intensely on her multitude of projects. The few times I've stayed with Kelly she ran me ragged with her schedule. Kelly is one of Seattle's favorite Art Mavens. She's at all the splashy parties, she knows who's who, she's done many commissions and she is either making art, thinking about it, or trying to sell it. It's a full time, non-stop vocation for her and the world is definitely better for it.

Hooray for the Market © 2007 Kelly Lyles This is one of five pigs Kelly decorated for the city of Seattle. Go see the pigs!

While Kelly can definitely hold her own with classically trained figure painters I think her rodent paintings are probably my favorite of her works. These cute, pun-traits of squirrels, rabbits, and hedgehogs poke fun at modern human life, religion, sexuality, and food. She draws out chuckles while forcing us to face our sinful habits.

Benson & Hedgehogs © 2007 Kelly Lyles

Fridas © 2007 Kelly Lyles

Panty Doors (Commission) © 2007 Kelly Lyles
(Click on image for a larger view).

Kelly also does pet portraits. Commission her to immortalize your furry or feathered companion.

Shatzie © 2007 Kelly Lyles

Kelly's house and art studio were recently featured on HGTV's "What's With That House". Watch the video!

I hope Kelly will do more overtly political art. Her wit, and facility with paint, makes for a perfect satirical combination. I featured one of her earlier pieces, here on the blog, President's Cabinet last year.

Isn't she a hoot? I hope you've enjoyed this tiny peek at one of America's hard-working professional artists. If you like her work please consider purchasing something from her website, or at least drop her an email with your compliments. We artists spend so much time in isolation (creating our work) that we never get enough feedback from the public. That is one reason Kelly and I have created artcars. More than any art form, the kinetic display of one's art on a vehicle brings creativity into daily living. If ArtCars intrigue you, check out ArtCar artist Tim Klein's National Festival Schedule. (Make sure to check out his amazing Yarn Car too.

AND.... Several of us are featured with our ArtCars on Yahoo News Video!

Please respect the work of the artists you see here and be sure to credit them when you share their artwork with others.

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