Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dave the Rave: Political Cartoonist

The New Monica, the New Dress © 2007 David Ravenwood
(click image for larger view)

I wanted to leave you with some witty, sharp political artwork for the next week (more details about where I'm going below). Therefore I'm presenting just a bit of David Ravenwood's (Dave the Rave) wonderful cartooning. I met Dave through DailyKos where we both communicate with like-minded bloggers around the world. David is an "ex-pate" American living in England. He almost always recommends my diaries on DailyKos (which I greatly appreciate) probably because my Pacific Time Zone late night posts show up when he's just waking up over there on the other side of the pond.

This Is What A Torture Victim Looks Like © 2007 David Ravenwood
(click image for larger view)

I especially like his use of the U.S. Constitution in the first two comics, having used that important document myself as creative subject matter. The first one shows Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' former assistant (and graduate of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University (Law School) testifying before Congress. Like Bill Clinton's "Monica" this one also wears a dress stained with scandal...only this time it's actually important. The insidious manipulations Gonzales and his fundamentalists mentees have wrought upon the U.S. Justice Department are only now coming to light.

Please visit David's Flickr page (just click on his name under any of the comics here) and I think you will be both entertained and educated. Sometimes the only way to tolerate intolerable news and events is when they're delivered in an irony sandwich. David excels at this and I thank him very much for his work.

Every Single Day © 2007 David Ravenwood
(click image for larger view)

The Iraqnamic Blend-O-matic © 2007 David Ravenwood
(click image for larger view)

Dubya's 7 Year Itch © 2007 David Ravenwood
(click image for larger view)

I'm heading North to Seattle today for the Fremont Fair. Here's a description of this annual event:
June 16-17 (10am-10pm)
Fremont Fair, Solstice Parade and Art Car Show
This is the funkiest event of the entire year, featuring the wacky Solstice Parade at noon on Saturday. The parade is a Mardi Gras like affair, consisting of human-powered floats, bizarre drill teams, giant puppets, assorted strangely costumed characters, and the unsanctioned but traditional slow "streak" of about 150 naked (but beautifully body-painted) nude-bicyclists (there are also a few opportunistic flashers who infiltrate the parade, so parental discretion is advised).This street fair features more unusual craft, art and food booths than most of the other fairs and has an excellent music lineup on 4 stages. The other element that makes the Fremont Fair one of the best events of the year is that Seattle's only annual Art Car show is an integral part of the fair, with about 75 strangely altered/decorated vehicles from all over the country on display all weekend.

Please respect the work of the artists you see here and be sure to credit them when you share their artwork with others.

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Blogger Dave the Rave said...

Wow, Emily -- You ROOL !

Big-time appreciation for featuring my work on your blog here....

Anything that gets the word out, anything that might raise peoples' awareness about the horrendous abuse that our nation is being subjected to under this current administration...

Until we may meet in the so-called "real world" -- all my very best to you.

-- Dave (the Rave).

10:07 AM  

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