Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poet Nightprowlkitty

A Lady Writing Johannes Vermeer c. 1665-1666

There are so many talented and creative progressive activists in the blogsphere. The Internet is our most democratic communication tool and its use by empowered citizens may well save our democracy.

The following poem was written by a woman I have met on DailyKos (one of the world's largest and most interesting political blogs). She's often recommended my posts on DailyKos and for that I'm very grateful. Her own blog is filled with delicious poetry and her DailyKos diary has many insightful entries.

Here is her recent entry and poem (I've added the images and links):
Been reading too much about the corporations who have profited from the War in Iraq. Been reading too much about the corporations who have profited from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Been reading too much about the corporations who have profited from mis-educating our children, from providing our health care, from building our roads, from helping the poor.

Corporate Logo Flag by Reclaim Democracy
And the "faith-based" organizations who have reaped billions of dollars in profits from our government in order to promote abstinence, as their leaders wallow in their own immoral pleasures.

Disgraced Fundamentalist Preacher, Ted Haggard (still image from the film "Jesus Camp".)

Just too much. This misAdministration has enabled the worst of our society to gain power and profit from human suffering.

These folks must be impeached, convicted and sent to prison. The only way to stop the thousands and thousands of parasites who have been given license to exploit the suffering of human beings is to show them this will not be tolerated and that those responsible will be punished in a way that strikes enough terror in their hearts to make them slink back to the underside of the rocks that is their natural home.

Four© 2007 Maarja Vigorito
Here's a poem I wrote about them -- I say it's about those who profit from war, but I mean so much more than merely the "military industrial complex."


Through what dread lense
of obscene inhumanity do they
see their hoarded treasures,
those who profit from war?

Through what diminished beat
of human heart do they
feel love only for gold,
those who profit from war?

Do you think you will
be saved from justice
if your walls are high enough?

Do you think you will
be saved from truth
if your bank account is fat enough?

Through what foul darkness
of soul do they
deny their own humanity,
those who profit from war?

Through what twisted trap
of deceived mind are they
blinded to human suffering,
those who profit from war?

For each particle of profit
they reap from their cynical
greeds and vanities and lusts,
their ugliness increases

I do not envy them their treasure
nor power nor their mindless pleasure.
The very rotted and deformed
senses they must employ for
their foul deceptions
are theirs to keep,
those who profit from war.


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