Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daring Filmmaker Needs Your Help

Films by Robert Greenwald

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald has made some incredible, crucial films about the Iraq war, how radical right-wing policies are destroying our democracy, and exposing fraud, criminal behavior, and ethical breaches by political and business leaders. He needs our help to continue making films that expose the truth about what is happening in America right now.

I've just pledged to send Brave New Films a monthly donation of $10 until November 2008, so that Greenwald and his group can keep doing his crucial job. I hope you'll join me in donating to this worthy, political art cause. Thanks - Emily

The latest from Robert Greenwald:
A big hearty cheer to all of you who made war profiteering a potent and important issue on the national stage. As a result, I was called to testify (along with Jeremy Scahill, author of the brilliant BLACKWATER book) to the House Appropriations Committee and explain the breadth and extent of the profiteering. And they listened, they asked questions, and they discussed how to fix this national tragedy. Imagine, the film all of you helped make and you distributed, was now the subject of serious legislative focus on how to fix the problem at hand.

However, despite the hundreds of thousands who have seen the film around the country, despite the letters, phone calls and pleas from Americans and soldiers of every political persuasion, somehow despite all this, Rep. Kingston was asleep at the wheel. And so he unleashed an old-fashioned, inept, partisan attack.

His intended knock out blow? That the film was an exercise in profiteering!! Ha. He was literally speechless when I explained that 3,000 of you contributed your hard-earned dollars to make the film. That 3,000 of you were figuratively with me in testifying. That 3,000 of you were the true patriots.

But we won't be silenced. Not for a minute.

We at Brave New Films want to continue to make short films, like FOX ATTACKS like Real McCain, like our drive to impeach a certain attorney general (which we will announce next week). And we need your help. We need you to become a subscriber and pledge $10/month until November 2008 so together we can keep telling the truth, spreading the word, and hitting hard.

Iraq for Sale proved that with a relatively small amount of money, we could bring a critical issue to the forefront of national attention. Now imagine the new videos and campaigns we could do. You have told us the issues you care about, and we want to hit hard, using short, timely campaigns to force these issues out. In a few short months the Brave New Films/Foundation short films have been seen 2 million times. Imagine how many more we can reach.

Subscribers will get special access to early cuts of the videos and behind the scenes information (sort of like DVD extras, but updated frequently).

Become a subscriber!

We are reaching new audiences, we are organizing activists, and we are doing it with campaigns built around these easily accessible short films. Let's work together to keep making them, distributing them, and spreading them around. Help us continue to do this.


Blogger JTML said...

I buy the DVDs and circulate them.

On another subject, Emily, have you ever visited the Oregon Country Fair?

1:24 PM  
Blogger Emily Duffy said...

Wow, that's great that you circulate Greenwald's DVDs. Good job.

I've never been to the Oregon Country Fair but many of my ArtCar friends go there, especially the folks from Ashland.

6:20 PM  

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