Monday, May 07, 2007

Sign the Petition - 90,000 and Counting!

UPDATE 5/9/07: John Edwards released the following statement today following the White House's announcement that the president would veto the new Congressional proposal on funding of the war in Iraq. The proposal would give President Bush half of the funds he requested for the war in Iraq and require a vote in July to determine whether to give the president the rest of the funds.
Earlier today I said the compromise under discussion is a concession, and now the president is already saying he'll veto it. The president has just demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he cannot be negotiated with, he cannot be compromised with.

He is dead set on pursuing his discredited strategy in Iraq without regard to the cost in lives, the evidence of its failure, or the clear will of the American people.

There is only one way to stop him - Congress must cut off funds to prolong the war. That's the only real power they have to end this war. They passed a plan to support our troops and bring them home, and they should do it again.

Nothing else will work. And if the president vetoes it - if he vetoes any bill that supports our troops but sets conditions - then it is his willful behavior alone that is standing in the way of what our troops need.

I don't usually sign online petitions but this one already has a huge number of people listed. I went ahead and gave my name, zip code and email. It's a minimal intrusion into my privacy and it may help keep the pressure on Congress and the Petulent in Chief! Please join me: Sign the Petition! Join your voice to the 90,000 other Americans already on this list.

I always like to let the candidates speak in their own words. Afterall you're not going to vote for someone because of how I (or some overpaid TV pundit) interpretates their words. You want to know who this person is and what they're going to do if they become our next President. There'll be a lot to clean up and make right after Bush's eight-year-long "Reign of Error" is over.

Here's Democratic Candidate John Edwards talking about the Iraq war last week in Oregon:

Read John Edwards' plan for getting us out of Iraq.


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