Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whose Plan Do YOU Like Better? 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates on Ending the Iraq War

Last night did a remarkable thing. The progressive PAC (political action committee) used the tools of their technology, combined with the power of their 3.2 million members to get all seven Democratic 2008 presidential candidates to explain their positions on Iraq. All the Republican candidates were also invited but not a single one was willing to open themselves up to questions (cowards).

You can listen to each candidate describe in detail what they plan to do about the Iraq debacle if they're elected in 2008. This unprecedented early look at what is likely the deciding factor in the election, without filtering by the media or political consultants, really brings democracy back into OUR hands.

MoveOn has posted each candidate's interview both in video and written transcript. You can see them HERE. And if you get to the page sometime today you will even get a chance to vote on which candidate you like best, so far.


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