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Who's the Most Qualified Democratic Presidential Candidate?

Governor Bill Richardson
Running for President in 2008

The 2008 Presidential contest is going to be interesting for many reasons: so much is at stake, the candidates are already raising millions, it's the first time that a woman (Senator Hilary Clinton), an African American (Senator Barack Obama), and a Latino (Governor Bill Richardson) candidate have been viable in our country's history. Note: I have not decided yet who I'm supporting for the Democratic Primary. Here in California we might possibly have a say in who the candidate will be for a change, now that our primary has been moved from June to February!

There is so much media hubbub about Clinton and Obama, and even John Edwards, whose wife Elizabeth is battling a re-occurance of breast cancer, but there's little to be found about Richardson. The Governor of New Mexico is easily the most qualified of all the candidates to lead America. Richardson:
Served in the U.S. Congress for 15 years.

Was Bill Clinton's Secretary of Energy.

Was later appointed by Clinton as the Ambassador to the UN where he, "...worked with world leaders to build alliances and help prevent the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea."

He's been "nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the release of hostages, American servicemen and political prisoners in North Korea, Iraq, and Cuba. Governor Richardson recently negotiated a 60-day cease fire in war-torn Darfur following direct talks with rebel leaders and the President of Sudan." Source

Governor Bill Richardson
Running for President in 2008

Here are portions of a very recent interview of Richardson by progressive blogger, and Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at Dartmouth College, Laura Clawson:
On Iraq - what should happen now and what he would do as president: Democrats should unite behind one policy, which should be to deauthorize the war, to look at the Congress having authorized the war four years ago. I would have a war powers resolution deauthorizing the war, with timetables and benchmarks. I would withdraw this calendar year. The consensus seems to have been built around March of 2008, but I'd get out this year. But the Congress authorized the war and the Congress should deauthorize the war. Then, there will be a legal fight - the administration will say "well, we don't recognize the war powers act." Then you go to the Supreme Court. That's what I would do, because my sense is that every effort should be made to cut the funding, but I worry about whether we have the votes to do it. What this veto will do is President Bush will have made the war by far the number one issue in the 2008 campaign, because this veto means gridlock, deadlock. So I would proceed with a deauthorization resolution. And I was there, I was in Congress fifteen years.

The best case [right now] would be for the House and Senate to agree on the next step. That should be a complete priority, and then there should be a national effort, mobilized by the Democrats, to cut funding. That's the constitutional role of the Congress, and they should pursue that. They should have a deadline.

Renewable Energy Partners
On energy policy: I have experience as Secretary of Energy in promoting renewable energy, which I think is the key to a new policy that I would promote, which would be an Apollo program to reduce our dependence from 65% to 10% using renewable technology, public and private investment. But I would also go on a national crusade to make the country greener. Green buildings, fuel efficiency, solar roofs in schools, more conservation, more efficient washing machines, air-conditioning, a whole push to change America's behaviors and attitudes towards energy.

Governor Bill Richardson
Running for President in 2008

On his upcoming trip to North Korea: Well, my goals are to bring back some remains, because I believe that that will bring further progress to the disarmament talks with North Korea. It's a good sign if the North Koreans turn over some remains, that they're pleased with the six-party talks. This is a case where I believe politics should stop at the water's edge - when it's national security, when you're dealing with a country that has six nuclear weapons. If I can work with the administration to just improve the atmosphere by having a good visit, and bring back some remains of Americans missing from the Korean war, I will have made a contribution. That's the goal.

My ulterior goal is for the president to realize that dealing directly with North Korea makes sense and that's the reason he had progress. That now he'll be prepared to deal directly with Iran and Syria, which I think is essential for a broader Middle East agreement and for resolving the situation in Iraq and for maybe making some progress on the Palestinian issue. The point I make is that I'm the presidential candidate with the most direct foreign policy experience. I've negotiated with foreign countries, I've negotiated cease-fires, I've rescued American servicemen, I've dealt with regimes that are a problem - North Korea, Iraq, Sudan, Cuba - and I believe that I know how to protect American interests and pursue a dialogue that might lead to peace. Source

More information about this very experienced, perhaps best Democratic candidate:

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Blogger Herb Heinz said...

I saw Richardson speak at the last years California Democratic Party Convention, and I found him thoroughly uninspiring. You may recall - way back in the distant past - a time when it was not cool to be against the war like it is now. At that time he seemed like conservative and pro status quo - kinda like (Mr. or Ms.) Clinton, unwilling in say anythimg "risky" or untested. That's exactly what we do NOT need in our candidate. Besides, we have better choices, even if you want to write off Kucinich, who has been consisttenly against the war. For example, there's Edwards, who apparently is willing to actually tell the truth! I saw him talk a month or so ago and he seems quite sincere. Then there's Obama, who isn't saying much but is really exciting people and would be a wonderful way to quickly change the US's "image."

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