Friday, April 27, 2007

Mission Accomplished?

Poet Steven Connell

Please go to Robert Greenwald's website to read the text of Steven Connell's entire poem and to write a banner.

The U.S. Congress has passed the first bill requiring the tiniest bit of accountability from President George W. Bush. The bill will be sent to the White House sometime between now and next Tuesday. Bush is expected to veto the bill on Tuesday May 1, 2007, the 4th Anniversary of his infamous "Mission Accomplished" PR event aboard the USS Lincoln. We all know how big a lie that banner was. Now, even the most ostrich-like Americans also know we never should have invaded Iraq.

It is our duty as citizens of this country to correct this dreadful error, to make ammends to the world for our leader's crimes. The first step is to get our military out of Iraq. As soon as the veto comes down, you, me, all of us, need to HIT THE STREETS. We need to pull the alarm, clang the bells, and hollar to the media. THIS VETO WILL NOT STAND, WE DEMAND AN END TO THE INVASION OF IRAQ!

Photo by Maarja Vigorito © 2007

King George(Mission Accomplished)
Words by Steve Connell

Same crime different time
King George is back
To bomb Iraq despite how the world reacts
The media is greedier and controls the facts
Makes you wonder if the facts is so white and black
They much grayer
Say your prayers Georgie don't want calm
He wants to bring this generation to the next Vietnam
Ain't content to let what's gone by be by gones
Until he turns Baghdad into Saigon
Bye mom im gone off to avenge my pops
Saddam used to be our friend now the friendship stops
The bombs they drop don't stop until Saddam
Is gone, choked, and rotten from the hangmans tourniquet
In case ya'll forgotten he's the bin laden surrogate
not the one we wanted but the one we could find
It feels good to have a war to take the fear off your mind
And Osama couldn't be happier with the decision we made
It's the outcome for which he prayed
Osama's like brer rabbit and the briar patch is Iraq
he masterminded an attack to force us to fight back
He prayed on the fact we wouldn't think just react
Like a kid freshly slapped-

Photographer Unknown

angry and lashing out at the bully who taunts us
We go forward not knowing we're going just where he wants us
There are ghosts all around us but they're not here to haunt us
They're here to beg us to do better then the people who wronged us
Because? the greatest trick the devil ever conceived
Is to make the people believe
That what they strive to achieve
Is connected to the bliss God wants to exist
While the devil sits back laughing crossing things off his list
Saying, "God? I got them duped. They think they're talking to you.
I got them eager to do everything I need them to
They go to war for peace make love with hate
They kill to protect life and if they don't feel safe
They surround themselves with danger until there's no danger left
How could you build life on a foundation of death

Photographer Unknown

And there's 53000 dead and rising countless numbers in the hospital
We've gone from mission accomplished to mission impossible
To someone please tell me the mission that we're on
Tell me we haven't spent the last 6 years going wrong
The good name of America is entirely gone
In the eyes of the world we're just as bad as Saddam
It's a game of chess being played that has gone for too long
And I'm afraid because our king is starting to look like their pawn
And Osamas happy to keep playing because he doesn't mind the loss
To the victor goes the holocaust so he doesn't care who gets it
And he brazenly admits it
He's happy in the Briar Patch, he's daring us to visit
His mission was to make America his accomplice
If we don't end the war in Iraq now--
Mission Accomplished.

By Steve Connell,
copyright 2007


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