Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Town Hall Meeting April 10th

Middleborough, MA Town Hall

MoveOn.org is organizing a series of Virtual Town Hall Meetings at which some of the 2008 Presidential candidates will answer questions from its progressive membership. This is rather revolutionary as it puts candidates in direct contact with voters via the web. The mainstream media isn't filtering communication from either direction and hopefully there will be a minimum of "handling" by the candidates' advisors.

Mont Vernon, NH Town Hall

This is our first, best opportunity to hear what the 2008 Presidential candidates plan to do about Iraq should they win our vote in 2008. The list of candidates was chosen via membership survey and includes people from both major parties.

Not all the invited candidates have agreed to participate yet (what are they afraid of?) but I believe Clinton, Obama, & Edwards have so far. Even if all the invited candidates don't show up for the first Virtual Town Hall Meeting, they'll have several other opportunities to do so.

Any candidate who doesn't participate may risk losing the votes of MoveOn.org's more than 3 million members (ouch!)

Kirkwood, MO Town Hall

If you'd like to host one of these Virtual Town Hall Meetings, sign up HERE.

If you'd rather attend someone else's sign up HERE.

These will be LIVE events so the best way to hear from the candidates, in their own words, is to attend.

Paola, KS Town Hall