Monday, April 23, 2007

Don't Mess With Our Chocolate!

Photo by Marina Oliphant

I don't know about you but chocolate plays an important role in my daily life. In fact it may be the one thing that's kept my marriage together! For a woman over 40, chocolate isn't just a dessert treat, it's medicine. There is something in this food stuff that is not found in anything else, and we NEED it!
Actually, dark chocolate is one of the best foods we can eat to remain strong hearted, strong boned and juicy. Three quarters of an ounce of chocolate, (which is a tiny amount since most chocolate bars are 3 or 4 ounces) has more polyphenols than a cup of green tea or a glass of red wine. Polyphenols prevent heart disease. An ounce of dark chocolate also has more anti-inflammatory power than two aspirin, and is a better anti-oxidant than 500 milligrams of Vitamin C. - Susan Weed

One of my personal favorites:
Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Chances are you're not going to argue with me about any of this but guess who is out to destroy chocolate? George Bush's FDA!!!

Now Mr. Bush has done a lot of stupid, dangerous things in his privileged life but replacing cocoa butter with synthetic and highly saturated fats is right up there. Let's send a clear message to the FDA that we will NOT tolerate having our chocolate doctored with chemicals and unless they want to see another Revolutionary War in this country they'd better leave women's most basic food group alone!

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Please go to THIS link and click on "Submit Comment". Write your message to the FDA about saving the purity of chocolate and click "submit". Do your part to save this, one of humankind's BEST inventions, pure!


Blogger Sarah said...

My naturopath told me that chocolate has lots of magnesium in it, that's why so many women crave the stuff.

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