Friday, January 19, 2007

War by Any Other Name

Artist Unknown

The Bush Administration, whose only success in six years has been masterfully, spinning publicity campaigns, has launched yet another catchy military operation in Iraq. The so-called "surge" which is really yet another escalation of US troops in Iraq (the previous escalations have not been successful) is called, "A New Way Forward" not to be confused with last February's "Operation Together Forward". If only the Bushies were as good at the actual mechanics of war as they are at creating slogans for this debacle we'd already be out of Iraq. I think you'll be astonished to see how many labels this disastrous war has had so far:
2003 (42 different names)

Operation Peninsula Strike
Operation Desert Scorpion
Operation Scorpion Sting
Operation Spartan Scorpion
Operation Rifles Scorpion
Operation Sidewinder
Operation Soda Mountain
Operation Ivy Serpent
Operation Iron Bullet
Operation Tyr
Operation Ivy Lightning
Operation Silverado
Operation Ivy Needle
Operation Longstreet
Operation Tiger Clean Sweep
Operation Industrial Sweep
Operation Chamberlain
Operation Sweeney
Operation OK Corral
Operation Iron Hammer
Operation Eagle Curtain
Operation All American Tiger
Operation Ivy Cyclone

Artist Unknown
Operation Boothill
Operation Rifles Blitz
Operation Rifle Sweep
Operation Bayonet Lightning
Operation Bulldog Mammoth
Operation Clear Area
Operation Abilene
Operation Panther Squeeze
Operation Red Dawn
Operation Panther Backroads
Operation Ivy Blizzard
Operation Arrowhead Blizzard
Operation Iron Justice
Operation Rifles Fury
Operation Salm
Operation Devil Siphon
Operation Iron Grip
Operation Iron Force
Operation Choke Hold

Artist Unknown
2004 (Another 42 different names)

Operation Warhorse Whirlwind
Operation Iron Resolve
Operation Market Sweep
Operation Saloon
Operation Rock Slide
Operation Final Cut
Operation Saber Turner II
Operation Tomahawk
Operation Trailblazer
Operation Eagle Liberty
Operation Devil Clinch
Operation Rocketman
Operation Iron Promise
Operation Shillelagh
Operation Devil Thrust
Operation Aloha
Operation Centaur Rodeo
Operation Warrior
Operation Suicide Kings
Operation Tiger Fury
Operation Iron Saber
Operation Duke Fortitude
Operation Lancer Fury

Artist Unknown
Operation Lancer Lightning
Operation Vigilant Resolve
Operation Resolute Sword
Operation Danger Fortitude
Operation Ripper Sweep
Operation Yellow Stone
Operation Rapier Thrust
Operation Spring Clean-up
Operation Striker Hurricane
Operation Wolfpack Crunch
Operation Disarm
Operation Giuliani
Operation Slim Shady
Operation Striker Tornado
Operation Rocketman III
Operation Dragon Victory
Operation Gimlet Crusader
Operation Phantom Fury
Operation Al Fajr

Photo by Anja Niedringhaus for Associated Press
2005 (Gee only four this time?)

Operation Matador
Operation Quick Strike
Operation Great Lakes
Operation Steel Curtain

2006 (Something's definitely wrong)

Operation Swarmer
Operation Forward Together
Operation Sinbad

Details on each operation

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