Saturday, January 13, 2007

KSFO Radio Spews Hate

Even here in the "liberal" San Francisco Bay Area the insidious, vicious, tentacles of hate radio are well established. KSFO which used to be a Newstalk station when I was a kid is now home to right wing radicals such as:
Melanie Morgan

Brian Sussman (former weatherman on KPIX TV).
Lee Rodgers
Officer Vic

Now these folks have been spewing their nasty bile over the public airwaves for years now and personally I think they, and people like Rush Limbaugh made public hatred somehow seem "cool" back in the 1990s during the right wing Republican Contract ON Americans. This type of attitude, the bullying, the name-calling, the racism, the threats of violence against "liberals" and anyone who speaks their mind publicly has got to end.

With that in mind a local blogger, just a person like you and me, decided he'd had enough of what KSFO was pushing and he started fighting back. This is a story of what one person can do when they have the courage to fight Goliath because the owner of KSFO is no other than ABC/Disney Corporation.

This battle is far from over and you can help blogger Sprocko and others end the reign of hate radio in America right in our own back yard. If you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area you can be assured there is a radio station just like KSFO in your area and you too can help shut off the hate spigot. Just read the story of how Sprocko has taken on this noble effort:

Mike Stark explains the back-story

More back-story from Media Matters

Sprocko's blog

KSFO's Hate Jocks

Hate Radio Clips

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