Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Democrat Nancy Pelosi San Francisco, the new Speaker of the House.
AP Photo by Scott Applewhite

As I write this the current count in the US House is:

Democrats 226 seats

Republicans 191 seats

The House

The Senate is still in Republican hands but there are two extremely close races which could go either way. The balance of power is currently 49 to 49 with that son-of-a-bitch Lieberman winning as an Independent in CT. The two seats left to decide control of the Senate are:

Virginia: Democrat Jim Webb against Republican George (Macaca) Allen
At 12:06am November 8th it's Webb 50% vs. Allen 49%

Montana: Democrat John Tester against Republican Conrad (Fool) Burns
At 12:06AM November 8th it's Tester 50% vs. Burns 48%

The Senate

I go to bed hoping that I'll awake with a brand new Congress. We already have the first woman House Speaker, CA's Nancy Pelosi (first from CA as well). And hopefully tomorrow we'll have a majority in the Senate as well.

More to follow I have several months worth of sleep to catch up on. Thanks for all your support everyone, for your art, your activism, your fund-raising, and your voting. Thanks for joining me in caring enough about this crazy country of ours to save it from ruin.

Here's a message I got today from a friend in Massachussetts:

Hello Emily,
Well, it's 5 in the morning as I write this e-mail and I had to congratulate someone for such a great showing in the nationwide election results. Well sweetie, it's you! While the senate is still up for grabs at this time, the house is now Democrat and I would have to say that your tireless hard work had a lot to do with this. I hope (probably not) that Bush, Chaney, Rice and the gang got the message.
If this were Russia, you would be in jail----but we're not and this was democracy at work.
Again, thank you and I know you will be walking around today with a big smile on your face. Keep your fingers crossed on the Senate.


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