Saturday, October 28, 2006

One Woman's Ballot 2006

Two Important Phone Numbers For Election Day:

Polling Place Info: 1-866-MY-VOTE-1

Voter Suppression or Fraud: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Find Your Polling Place

"The GOP's message, according to Clinton, is this: "If you vote for those Democrats, they're going to tax you into the poor house, and on the way to the poor house you'll meet a terrorist on every street corner. And when you try to run away from the terrorist, you will trip over an illegal immigrant."

President Bill Clinton 11/1/06 at a rally for CA House candidate Jerry McNerney

Women's Ballot Box circa 1890s Illinois

Here it is folks, my personal, mid-term election ballot. This is how I voted on my absentee ballot in Contra Costa County, California. Please feel free to use my endorsements and to share them with your loved ones. Also, check the many links on the side of this page for more information about Who/What/How to vote.

It's also my birthday, 2 days before the election, and if you want to get me the gift I want most...I'd really like a new Congress! The one that's currently entrenched is so beholden to multi-national corporations they don't even remember us, THE PEOPLE. Please do what you can to clean up the House, and while you're at it, the Senate too! I'll be ever so grateful!

They Feast at the Same Trough © 2006 Roberta Loach


Governor - Phil Angelides

Lieutenant Governor - John Garamendi

Secretary of State - Debra Bowen

Controller - John Chiang

Treasurer - Bill Lockyer

Attorney General - Jerry Brown

Insurance Commissioner - Cruz Bustamante

State Board of Equalization (district 1) - Betty T. Yee

US Senator - No Vote

US Representative 10th District - Ellen Tauscher

Member of the State Assembly 14th District - Loni Hancock

Judicial - Only a YES for Carol A. Corrigan

WVWV - My First Time 60 sec. PSA


West Contra Costa Unified School District

Antonia Medrano

Marguerite Meade

Charles Ramsey

City of El Cerrito City Council

Janet Abelson

Sandi Potter

East Bay Municipal Utility District - Andy Katz

Alameda - Contra Costa Transit District - Rebecca Kaplan

East Bay Regional Park District - Nancy Skinner


1A - Transportation - NO

1B - Highway - NO

1C - Housing - YES

1D - Schools - YES

1E - Disaster Preparedness - YES

83 - Sex Offenders - NO

84 - Good Water - YES

85 - Anti-Abortion - NO!

86 - Cigarette Tax - YES

87 - Tax Oil, Invest in Alternative Energy - YES!

88 - Education - YES

89 - Clean Elections - YES!

90 - Deconstruct local government - NO!


L - Land Preservation - YES

M - Supervisors - YES

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