Monday, October 09, 2006

...Because YOU Have Some Voting to do!

Can We Acknowledge © Janet Goldner

Today I'm featuring specific, concrete things YOU can do to help win back our country from the radical right wing rapturists who seemed determined to destroy it. It will take a bit of work on your part, but nothing you can't handle, and you can be sure it will be worth every bead of sweat you may shed.

The art featured here today is by sculptor Janet Goldner. I have to say I have immense respect for anyone working in steel. I think her giant metal books are remarkable and if I lived closer I'd definitely go and see them in person. Here's what she has to say about the multi-part sculpture, exhibited in here today:

Can We Acknowledge?, 4' x 25' x 4', steel, 2002.
This work is a continuation of my series of large steel books. The interplay of positive and negative space, of image and text is important to this work. This steel accordion-book/fence has five 4- foot x 4-foot steel pages which ask , "Can we acknowledge the pain we have caused in the world, even as we struggle with our own?"

While nothing can excuse the attack on the World Trade Center or the terrible loss of innocent life, it is not difficult to understand why people would be angry at the U.S. The text in Can We Acknowledge? addresses this aspect of the tragedy. - Janet Goldner 2006


Are you able to vote?
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How do I register?
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Who/what is on the ballot in my state?
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What about those rigged voting machines?
Reported malfunctions by state

Can We Acknowledge © Janet Goldner


Key Dates:

• Oct 9: Start Date to Apply for Absentee Ballot

• Oct 23: General Election Voter Registration Deadline

• Oct 24: General Election Filing Deadline (Write In)

• Oct 31: Deadline to Apply for Absentee Ballot

• Nov 7: General Election

Who/What should I vote for?
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And here:
Contra Costa County

And here:
Alameda County (PDF file)
(You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF file.
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Can We Acknowledge © Janet Goldner

What can we do about the corruption?
California Clean Money

and Barbara Boxer's Senate bill requiring paper ballots for all U.S. citizens. Sign the petition.

Can We Acknowledge © Janet Goldner

I want more information about this voting machine disenfranchisement that's been going on:

Counted as Cast

Voting Machine Vendors:
Voting machines vendors

Black Box Voting

Can We Acknowledge © Janet Goldner

Here is the entire piece put together (see a larger version at Janet's website):

Can We Acknowledge © Janet Goldner

Please respect the work of the artists you see here and be sure to credit them when you share their artwork with others.

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