Friday, September 29, 2006

Nationwide Protest Forming NOW!

In light of today's sickening, criminal events in the US Senate (re:
legalizing torture) and US House of Representatives (legalizing
Bush's ILLEGAL wire-tap program) it is again time to take to the
streets my friends.

Aside from the resistance we're already involved in against the Bush Regiem,
(thank you) and from the tremendous fatigue we all feel as this
nightmare only ever seems to get worse, we need to stand with our
friends, family, neighbors & co-workers in this battle for the soul
of our country.

We need to again fill the streets of our cities and
towns with signs and banners and shouts of resistance. We will not
go "quietly into this dark night" that the right wing radical
rapturists are trying to take us. Join me in doing this:

October 5, 2006
World Can't Wait

Find a protest near you HERE

Send this information to everyone you know and love. We're in this together, and that is how we'll win our country back from these madmen.

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Blogger Simon Ware said...

keep up the fight for justice

12:48 PM  

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