Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Speechless Today

Like you I'm sure, sometimes I simply can't face politics, or world problems, or pain and suffering. I could force myself to find something political to say but my heart isn't in it today. I'm feeling burned out, tired, stale. For a mental break I'm going to post images that make me feel good for one reason or another. No serious self-examinations, no connections to anything in particular, simply things that make me feel good to look at, or think about right now, today. Sometimes today is all we can face. Enjoy looking at my "right now" and think about your own. What images give you relief, peace, joy, refreshment? Then, give yourself permission for a break to enjoy some of them.




Big, fat, fuzzy cat!

Ice cream ooooooh yes!

Water, always.

Laughing kids = good.

Blueberries, yum!


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