Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why Can't the Democrats Get Any Traction?

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Much is being written about why the Democratic Party seems in disarray even though we read news stories almost daily about new Republican policy failures, greed, corruption, and even criminal behavior. Why can't the Democrats get any traction?

Part of the problem seems to be a very real rift within the Dem party between grassroots activists, (such as myself) and entrenched, antique leadership such as the members of the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council). It seems the old guard is desperate to hold onto what little power it still has, even though their methods keep losing elections time-and-again.

Another problem is the way Democrats use language, as compared to the well-honed disinformation machine the Republicans use in political "discourse". San Francisco Columnist Jon Carroll had a piece about this very thing yesterday.

The most definitive study on "re-framing public debate" in progressive terms is the liberal think tank, Rockridge Institute's (based here in Oakland) Manual for Progressives.

One thing pointed out in Carroll's column is the way progressives tend to over-analyze the point of seeming like we have no actual positions. Senator John Kerry is an unfortunate example of a thoughtful, experienced, verbose, politician who's over-analysis of his position on every issue made him incomprehensible to the average American voter.

It behooves us liberals to study up on these writings, know where we stand on every important issue of the day, and most importantly be able to communicate those stands CLEARLY, QUICKLY, and POWERFULLY. Let's practice for the November 7, 2006 elections so we can take back Congress and save American from ruin.

The first step, even for skeptics, is of course registering to vote. It is highly recommended that progressives register to vote absentee especially in districts with unreliable, hackable, paperless, touchscreen "black box" voting machines.

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