Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today Was Weird

Steve Bard's Weird House, Photo credit Marlow Harris

Today I had my first (and hopefully last) colonoscopy. This is one of those lousy things you have to do when you get older. I'm not yet 50 but was having some problems (which I'll spare you the description of) but my doctor went ahead and sent me for one. UGH! That's pretty much the word that covers the entire experience. So, I'm not quite up to my normal blogging activities, and I'm still coming out of the drug stupor I was in most of the day, and I'm still trying to catch up on my eating (they make you fast for 24 hours... oh the inhumanity!) so I'll leave you with this freaky link to explore for today.

Steve Bard is a FAC...(friend of ArtCars) who lives in Seattle, WA and has his own strange obsessions which ArtCar artists understand and empathize with. Steve has an Art House. He's decorated damn near every inch of surface in his house, even ceilings. It's fantastic, frightening, and freaky. Take a look:

Seattle Dream Homes: Steve Bard (scroll down)

Take a virtual tour

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