Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spank the Donkey!

Pat Oliphant © 2006
Wild and ugly rumors of the possibility of success have been causing consternation in donkey world.

How many times since November 2000 have you asked yourself, "What the hell is wrong with the Democrats?" I've made myself sick asking that question because I still don't know the definitive answer and we're up to our necks in elephant crap.

Here we are, two weeks after progressive Ned Lamont won the Democratic nomination in Connecticut (beating Joe Lieberman) and there are currently 6 Democratic senators refusing to endorse the duly elected candidate FOR THEIR OWN DAMN PARTY! Additionally there are 10 who CAN'T DECIDE WHICH OF THE TWO TO SUPPORT?!!??

So, dear visitor, it's up to let these FOOLS know that they're not doing their job, and we're not happy about it. If you recognize any of these dolts as one (or saints preserve us, two) of your Senators please contact them first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning and tell them to get behind Lamont IMMEDIATELY!

The toll-free number for the Capitol: 888-355-3588. Ask for your Senator's office. When you're connected, be sure to tell them you're a constituent, they tally these things.


Thankfully there are 27 Democratic Senators who openly support fellow Democrat Lamont who again, was DULY ELECTED by the Democratic voters of Connecticut to be their candidate. If you recognize any of these Senators as your own, drop them a line thanking them for representing you well on this issue, and to keep up the good PROGRESSIVE work:

Speical thanks to Bob Geiger for tracking this important story. He does regular updates on his blog Bob Geiger's blog


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