Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Right Wing's "Freedom Agenda" Part II - Iran

The Liberator © Mark Bryan 2004

George W. Bush told us exactly what he intended to do, but we didn't believe him. It was shocking, it was audacious, it was crazy, we thought he was an idiot, but he named the three countries he and his so-called neocon think tankers planned to "democratize"... Iraq, Iran, & Syria. Well whadayaknow, they're actually doing it. We know what happened in Iraq and now we have a lovely civil war there. I'm certain their plans for Iran and Syria will go just as swimmingly.

Back in April of this year, the amazing reporter Seymour Hersh, of The New Yorker, wrote an indepth report about how America's radical right wing made elaborate plans to "democratize" the Middle East way back in the 1990s and now that they've managed to grab a stranglehold on all three branches of the US government, they're moving full steam ahead with those plans.

This week on CNN, Hersh explained that there has long been a plan arranged with Israel, a hair-trigger if you will, that was set to go off at any provocation. Hezbollah and Israel have been taking pot-shots at each other for years without major consequence. Last month the Lebanese, most of the rest of the world, and especially Hezbollah were all taken by surprise at Israel's full-scale war reaction to two of its soldiers being abducted.

So what is this all really about? Could it simply be greed and an unquenchable thirst for supreme power? Is that what America will come down to? Yes, apparently, that is if we, you and me, our family, friends, and neighbors, continue to sit by wringing our hands, watching reality TV, self-medicating and whining about having no power.

Addicted To War © Joel Andreas 2004

While we still do have power... and brother-sister we still do... we'd better wise up and use it. Here's a few ways how:

1) Swallow the fear, open your eyes, and read everything you can get your hands on about what's happening in and outside America. This article, which spells out the right wing's freaky plan, is a good start.

2) Talk to everyone you know about what you learn, stay in touch, share information, organize one of the groups in your life (neighborhood, family, friends, hobby group, etc.) into an action team. If you have no friends, family or neighbors (oh come on!!!), you can always join MoveOn.org's virtual phone bank project.

3) Find at least one progressive candidate for US Congress who you support, and send them money ($5 will even do), make phone calls for their campaign, lick envelopes, hang voting cards, etc., between now and the November 7th election. Or help register voters (absentee if your community has touch-screen voting machines, especially Diebold).

4) Stop giving your money to corporations who are profiting from the Bush war plan. You can find lists of these companies in several places, one of which donates money to right wingers.

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