Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Guest Artist: Kelly Lyles

President's Cabinet © Kelly Lyles 2006

Found objects/mixed Media (w/ Acrylic paint) 24" x 36". Note vulture in presidential seal, & electrified Marine machine gunning in defense of corporate interests. Bush puppet in flight suit w/ medals, 6-guns, and a saddle. Scissors at bottom to cut his strings.

Kelly Lyles, Seattle, WA, works primarily as a painter. She is also the creator of "Leopard Bernstein" a felinesque ArtCar. Kelly explains the history behind this sculpture, "President's Cabinet"
It was part of a show called '101 Ways to Remove a President from Power' (thus the scissors beneath my puppet) at Greg Lundgren's Vital 5 Gallery, 100 artists doing political pieces, some performance art/theatre, some visual artists, some auditory, piñatas, trees lowering into bushels of oil, pickpockets working the crowd, a real food bank, Osama showed up with klieg lights & entourage, ancient Republicans w/ walkers handing out peppermints, etc. fun sense-a-round event, brilliantly produced.

Kelly Lyles Website

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