Monday, July 31, 2006

Guest Artist: Donna Davis

Photographer Unknown

"I wrote this in response to a newspaper in early 2000.
I hope it soon becomes obsolete."
Donna Davis


Come to the party,
The Grand Old Party,
You’ll have a barrel of fun

They know to a T
How things should be
They’ll keep you safe with a gun.

A tank and a bomb
They’ll buy with aplomb
To be sure every war we will win;

No need to see
The enemy
For murder would be a sin,

And sinners abound,
In fact we’ve found
An endless need for prisons;

They cost more than schools,
But, hey, that’s cool,
As long as they’re hers and hisns.

Without a doubt,
In jail or out,
They’re clear about the sexes:

A woman should
Be always good
Or else the gods she vexes.

She must say “No!”
To her ardent beau
Abortion isn’t nice;

But she partied wild,
That careless child,
And now must pay the price.

If she had wed
Her boss instead
Her world would be all sunny,

With not a care
And a great big share
Of his hot G.O.P. money

Oh, they’ll cut your tax
And break the backs
Of those who do real work,

And coupons clip
While “Read my lips”
Is uttered with a smirk.

So come to the party,
The Grand Old Party,
You shouldn’t need a push

To join the team
And swim downstream
With dear George Dubya Bush!

-Donna Davis

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